Does Blockchain’s Popularity Mean The End Of SWIFT?

Does Blockchain’s Popularity Mean The End Of SWIFT? With its appropriated record and capacity to empower exchanges with insignificant expenses, blockchain represents an unmistakable risk to cross-outskirt supports move frameworks. What’s more,... Read more »

Is Finance an Art or a Science?

  What Is Finance? Finance is a term widely describing the analysis and system of money, investments, and other financial instruments.   Other classes include the recently emerging area of social fund and... Read more »

Blockchain versus Bitcoin by griffex

Blockchain versus Bitcoin by griffex The goal of blockchain is to empower propelled information to be recorded and appropriated, yet not modified. That thought can be difficult to crease our heads over... Read more »
business risk

What is Business Risk ? Character of Business risk.

Business Risk Business risk may be defined as uncertainties or unanticipated events, which are outside control.  That is to say, we could say company risk means a prospect of incurring deficits or... Read more »


FINTECH Due to advances in mobile technology, the biotech business has exploded in the last couple of decades.  As the tech savvy millennial generation obsolete, financial and banking options evolved, also, and... Read more »
Artificial Intelligence (AI)

What is Artificial Intelligence?

What is Artificial Intelligence?   Artificial intelligence (AI) is extensive branch of computer science involved in building intelligent machines capable of doing tasks that the typically need human intelligence.  AI is a... Read more »