Top 7 Marketing And Advertising Trends Of 2020

The past decade has been quite eventful for the marketing sector. From the rise of social media influencers to the decline of blogging, the wheel of the marketing world has turned around. The tricks, tips, and algorithms have changed, and so have the preferences of the consumers.

Hence, it is time to unlearn everything about traditional marketing and advertising to dive into the world of modern-day marketing that consists of sentiment analysis, video content, and whatnot.

If you are a marketer, entrepreneur or freelancer – This article by Creative Thinks Media, will help you in understanding how marketing has modified and what are the top trends of 2020

So without waiting any more, let us dive into the article!

#Trend Number 1

Voice Search: With the Alexa App, Google Assistant and Siri found in almost all smartphones, there is no denial of the fact that people are searching for the best restaurants, travel destinations, and the best digital marketing agency via voice search. It is predicted that 50% of all the searches will be made by voice, which simply means the scope for voice SEO for marketers and businesses to capture a larger target audience.

One of the platforms that have started doing voice search SEO optimization is YourStory. Most of the YourStory articles are now converted into voice clips so that they can be searched by voice.

#Trend Number 2

Micro-Influencers: More than 50% of the users over the internet follow an influencer or a celebrity account on social media. That simply shows how influencer marketing will keep growing in 2020, but do you know the reason behind this growth? Influencer marketing is highly personalized and hence works the best in the times where the consumer is the ‘King.’  

However, it is worthy to note that brands that are into consumer goods and services targeting the middle class should opt for micro-influencers. Micro-Influencers have a higher engagement rate that makes it more profitable for the brands to cover a wider audience at a lesser expense.

#Trend Number 3

Video Content: With platforms like Instagram, YouTube, TikTok, Facebook, Snapchat, etc. leveraging the short attention span of Gen-Z, video content is one of the fastest-growing content types. According to Neil Patel, product videos can increase purchases by 114%. Yes, that is the power of video marketing. 

#Trend Number 4

Niche Social Media Channel: There is no doubt that Facebook and Twitter remain the most in-demand social media channels. However, there is a slight shift in the power which these major social media platforms are experiencing. And that shift is due to niche-specific social media sites like Reddit, Medium, Pinterest, etc. that are targeting, attracting, and engaging a particular type of audience. 

So if you are a marketer or a business owner, it is a wise strategy to start investing your time and resources on such platforms, which will render higher returns in the near future.

#Trend Number 5

Marketing Automation: Gone are the days when excels and spreadsheets were the only mediums to automate and collaborate for businesses. With various SAAS products entering the market, automation is the next goldmine of marketing. Funnels, sales cycles, follow-ups, and even the entire lead generation process can be automated with tools that cost less and do more. 

#Trend Number 6

E-Commerce Stores: With most of the things bought online these days, you should not be shocked to see this as a trend in our list. From drop shipping to opening an e-commerce store online, businesses are fully charged to pursue these opportunities.

#Trend Number 7

Chatbots: The role of chatbots has increased since five years. With 47% of organizations using chatbots for customer service, these internet wonders have started to replace humans for a couple of jobs. Yes, you read that, right! From HR executives to sales representatives, chatbots are getting better at their game because of powerful AI and Deep Learning algorithms. 

Are you surprised to see a couple of trends in the list above? Well, there is still time to catch up with these trends and make the most of them. 

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