Top Blockchain Platforms You Want To Know About

Blockchain seems to be picking up rate today. The tech that once evolved in the year 2009 as the underlying platform for Bitcoin market has evolved into a mainstream technology. It finds application in various fields. When it’s finance or healthcare, it is possible to find lots of companies entering Blockchain technology and growing Blockchain based applications that will aid in creating the company operations more transparent and efficient.
Here it’s important to mention the various Blockchain platforms can be employed by the businesses. I want to mention that I will be focussing on different Blockchain platform aside from Bitcoin.


After Bitcoin, if there’s something that has created a buzz in the current market, then its Ethereum. Vitalk Buterin founded it at the year 2014. Ethereum is just one of those highly active and open source Blockchain which also forms the base for growth of different applications.
Crucial attributes of Ethereum:
Open for public usage
Proof-of-work based system
Strongly followed in Github
Multiple language application like C++ and python

Hyperledger Fabric

This is only one of the most recently developed Blockchain platform The entire world must learn about hyperledger in the year 2016. Linux Foundation created it. Its purpose is to raise the usage of Blockchain technologies across different industries.
Key features of Hyperledger
Real-only history questions
180+ working enterprises
Generation ready for enterprises.

IBM Blockchain

It’s the pioneer company to venture into blockchain so it may create a stage for transparent business operations. IBM has another division which is only focussing on producing Blockchain based applications. IBM boasts about a more effective consent mechanism that has made it garner the attention of several.
Crucial features of IBM Blockchain
It Features a permissioned network, which most of the companies are eyeing Due to the security Problems
Supported language: Go and Java



It’s an open-source Blockchain platform which is used to make approval network. This finds use in both inside and across different enterprises.
Crucial features of Multichain:
Formation of permissioned community

Free and open source pricing
Python and Javascript


It’s a collaborative initiative of Ethereum and brainbot technologies. Since its extension of Ethereum platform, it is used to create private ledger that’s useful for your enterprise despite the fact that it is not much popular but is regularly upgraded at Github.
Crucial attributes of Hydrachain:
Follows Ethereum protocol

Permsisioned network

Supported language: Python

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