Top Gaming Sites You Should Know

Top Gaming Sites

The ideal gaming sites offer you sparky evaluation and pointed out testimonials, while others just serve up epic gut laughs.

Some areas of the print press have endured more than others in the debut of the Web, but games novels would come close to the very top of any passing record.  Monthly titles have observed their own news coverage poleaxed by countless sites and websites which can run with the smallest pieces of information and screenshots whenever they emerge.

However, the very best gaming sites also supply sparky evaluation and pointed out testimonials, while others just serve up epic stomach responses.  Our sister website GameSpot UK has all of these and more about its own site London Calling, however we could not actually include them, can we?  Here are the ten greatest we have found (that do not sit next to us).

List of Top  Gaming Sites Are:


Go Nintendo

By sheer quantity of articles only, this really is a essential RSS feed or feed for everyone interested in Nintendo gambling, whether Wii or DS.


In fact, Shacknews is among these websites that blurs the line between a website and a news website, so comprehensive is its own mix of information and features.  With all these blogs chasing the exact same news, it is a worthy read since it manages to pick up exclusives and fresh angles.

That VideoGame Blog

Another multi-format site that digs behind the headlines, frequently offering articles which are as intriguing to folks in the games sector as to players.  A challenging line to walkbut it handles it with aplomb.

UK Resistance

Do not come here searching to get 20 news articles each day, but do include in case your interests encircle Sega, Suzanne Shaw and Sony-slating at each opportunity.  Maybe not that UKR is a po-faced fanboy site: it is so always funny you will not ever dare to drink tea before your screen again.

Touch Arcade

IPhone gambling, since you’ll learn whether you’ve seen Apple’s current jabs in Nintento and Sony, is enormous.  Twist Arcade is just one of those sites that have sprung up to pay this burgeoning marketplace, offering information, hands on previews plus a bustling forum filled with programmers talking about their newest games.


Consistently readable, and frequently thought-provoking.


There are dozens and dozens of websites that just rehash games news — not one of that feature on this listing.  Destructoid stands out among the game’s blogs using a definable personality of its sharp, sparky rather than intentionally dull.


This surely gets the maximum momentum of all of the UK websites on this record, with recently scooped three gongs in the Games Media Awards.


Among those two heavyweights of the matches blogging world (another is under ), Joystiq offers heaps of articles daily, getting up news stories in the drop of a hat, and chasing down private information whenever possible.  A vital resource for anyone interested in gambling.


In fact, it is difficult to pick between Kotaku and Joystiq — a fantastic deal of those stories that they post are about the very same areas, such is the fierce rivalry between the two.  Kotaku advantages it because of the humor, nevertheless, with its authors expressing their personalities without getting self-indulgent.

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