Due to advances in mobile technology, the biotech business has exploded in the last couple of decades.  As the tech savvy millennial generation obsolete, financial and banking options evolved, also, and after rare perks like mobile banking became standard.

But banks are not the only financial institutions which have made tech-driven alterations.  Whole markets — from electronic loans and cellular stock services to e-commerce payment systems and digital currency exchanges — are rooted in electronic fiscal accessibility.

To find out more about what the current space looks like, have a look at these 12 fintech companies and startups that are revolutionizing the business.



What it does: Tala supplies credit access to people in underserved parts of the world like Kenya, the Philippines, Tanzania and Mexico.  Through its program, the business employs alternative data to underwrite prospective users which have no credit history.



What it does: PitchBook is a financial application and data firm that provides information about private and public equity markets.  The platform enables businesses, investors, advisers and professionals to capitalize on new business opportunities via due diligence study on personal economy Intel, fundraising information and source investments.



What it does: Avant is a loan service for middle-income customers that offers loans ranging from $2,000-$35,000.  The service operates largely as a source for customers to get funds for things like consolidating debt or paying unexpected bills.  Avant requires only a very simple application and approves loans as little as one day.



What it does: Braintree, a branch of PayPal, provides payment services to companies of all sizes.  Accepting payment types ranging from credit cards to Venmo, its products help companies that run online and as marketplaces to reinforce security, prevent fraud and protect user information.



What it does: OnDeck supplies loan services exclusively to small businesses.  Clients are able to apply for term loans and credit lines on the internet to get funding quickly, often in just a single day.

What it does: Forward Funding provides working capital to small businesses in america, using its own proprietary technology to allow companies access to funding the moment the exact same day.  The company has supplied over $500 million to over 10,000 growing companies.



What it does: Enfusion’s completely integrated investment management system assists hedge funds, institutional asset managers and family offices with compliance, trading, risk management, operations and even bookkeeping.  Its goal in giving customers a complete view of their companies is to boost operational efficiency.



What it does: Morningstar supplies an array of services and products which connect everyday investors to professional-grade financial research and information so that they can make better investment choices.



What it does: Verifi provides payment protection solutions and risk management services for businesses of all sizes across multiple industries.  The organization’s platform allows cardholders, issuers and merchants access real-time data that provide quicker resolutions.  Verifi also helps firms fight and prevent chargebacks, safely process payments, conflict fraud and improve billings.



What it does: Circle is a crypto financial company guided by the principle that money should be free and open, but protected.  Its products — including a broad selection of coins that enable users to easily transfer money across countries and currencies — help clients invest in new currencies.


What it does: Headquartered in Amsterdam, but with a large presence in Chicago, Optiver, is a trading firm focused on”market making”.  Does the firm to facilitate the purchasing and selling of stocks, bonds, futures, options, etc., but in addition, it builds markets and provides additional liquidity to markets all around over the world.


What it does: TransferWise moves cash through its stage to other customers all over the world at mid-market rates and without any unnecessary fees.  Besides individual users, TransferWise can be used by companies to bill sellers irrespective of money.