Keeping an Eye on Employees via Employee Monitoring Software 

Almost every employee in the world depends on the electronic instruments and tools and uses them for every kind of official purpose that they would not ever want their bosses to know about. So for this purpose they use Employee Monitoring Software that allows the head of companies to keep an eye on its employees. From casual usage resulting in the short lives of their devices’, sharing of corporate codes and secrets with other organizations or companies, to Internet misuse, it keeps an eye on everything. 

  • How to Spy on Employees activities?

One can install this monitoring software on the phones, tablets and other devices that the company gives to its potential employees. Thus a company can detect and spy on them easily in various ways. If the employees are responsible and good enough, then one must respect them for their sincerity with their work. And if the employees are not responsible and are not sincere with their job then one must know what shall be done with such employees. 

  • Phone monitoring app

Monitoring software for employees is the spy apps that allow companies to keep a record of all the searched or browed history of employees device, thus to keep a record that for what purpose he had used the Internet. Moreover, these apps detect the location of employees as well as to keeps a record of their calls, record their text messages and use the microphones of their devices in order to listen to the surroundings. Well, all this is done basically to make sure that they are not doing any suspicious activity.

Features of Monitoring Apps

This monitoring app manages detecting and spying, tracking of location, remote monitoring, keeping eye on kids, employees, and others, remote control, via installing the software on a cellphone or other devices. There are various ways to intercept the calls with number tracker and location.

  • Phone Bug

It is one of the most contemporary features that is launched by The One Spy monitoring app. This is a phone bugging software with a very great package. Basically, it is the foremost step in the bugging apps of phones. It is used to bug employee’s phones, allows users to record the voices of employees with the microphone. Also, it captures remotely photos from front and back cameras.

  • Record Phone Calls

Monitoring apps also have the feature of record phone calls. It gives its users the freedom of not only listening to the surrounding voices around the phone of the target but it also allows them to record those voices and to save those recordings in their control panel. The recorder feature allows the spying users to record the live voice calls on the target phone, He may listen to those recordings afterward via sound recorder through downloading from the software’s dashboard.

Companies and Organizations all over the world want responsible employees for sure. They always keep an eye on the activities of their employees. And Employee Monitoring Software is proving quite beneficial in this case and making their job quite easier to keep an eye on the work quality, the commitments, and appointments of their employees.

TOS Spy 360 

It is all in one package tool for cell phone tracking software. A user can use it for recording and listen to the surround sounds and conversation occurs on the target smartphone with the help of live surround listening. Furthermore, you can use it to view the live visuals of your target through the camera that enables you to make live video visuals with the help of live camera streaming. However, a user can share the screen of the target cell phone into the online dashboard through spy 360 live screen sharing. 

Monitor instant messenger

The user can spy on android phone instant messenger apps like see text messages, photos, and video.

Live screen recording 

No matter what type of activities has happened on your target cell phone gadget, you can do live screen recording. It empowers users to do IM’s screen recording live, YouTube screen recording, chrome screen recording and also get access to the password of your target phone with a password chaser. 


Employee monitoring app is the best tool to take your business to the next level. It makes your employees disciplined and productive.