Essential Kodi Tips and Tricks for Newbies

If you are reading this article, it’s quite obvious that you are about to start using Kodi, which is one of the best media streaming boxes till date. So here, we have explained the essential kodi tips and tricks. If you look around, you’ll see people talking a lot about Kodi because the fact is that cable tv is now becoming more and more expensive. In such a situation, all people are left with is the choice to opt for a media streaming device and that’s where Kodi comes in handy. 

Kodi comes with the option of customization and this is where you as a newbie would want some help. You can customize this media player just in accordance to your needs, likes and dislikes. To help you get the best out of this source of entertainment, today we are here with some of Kodi tips and tricks. These kodi tips can be quite useful for you so do take notes and then let us know what you think. 

Below in this article, we have listed few of the best things which looks simple but are very helpful particular for those who are new to this industry i.e. Kodi world. Have a look on these and lets us know if there is something helpful for you. 

Here are 4 Best Kodi Tips and Tricks for Newbies

1-Multiple Devices 

It’s not possible for someone to replicate the Kodi setup on different installations on different devices and even if someone tries to do it, it will be extremely difficult for him. Now, if you really want to use this application on multiple devices then all you need to do is to enable the Kodi’s web interface. This way you will be able to access your media through the browser and even use all of the addons that you’ve added. 

2-Creating Your News Feed 

Yes, Kodi is the best media player but there’s a lot more you get to do with this application. There’s a live ticker option just at the bottom of your screen, you can enable it by heading to the “Settings” and when you do that, you can then head to the “Edit” option and choose to build your own news feed. 

3-Create Multiple Profiles 

In many streaming apps such as Netflix we have the option to add multiple users and divide the expenses Burdon or share the content with friends or family members. Same is possible with Kodi. If a lot of people are using your Kodi player, things can get really messy for you. You wouldn’t like how your daughter’s Ariana album is mixed with your news channel favorites. This is where you can use the option of creating multiple profiles. You won’t have to pay anything for these profiles; in fact, you’ll love it how each profile can have its own favorites and even its own skin. 

4-Back Up The Settings 

Backing up the default or your favorite things on any device is the most important thing. Of course, as you start using Kodi, you’ll change almost all of its settings and it’s not going to have anything like before in the default settings. So if you ever change your mind or if you don’t want to be a part of the hassle in bringing back some of your settings then the wiser thing to do is to create a backup for them. This way you will have a backup for all the times you made changes and you can restore them whenever you want. 

These are the best Kodi tips and tricks that we thought you should know about. Now without waiting anymore, just try Kodi, customize it and enjoy streaming videos like never before.